Team  GP   W   L 
Chillabong's Orangemen 0 2 1
Powerhoops Canada 0 2 0
Carstar 0 1 2
Monstars 0 1 2
NWS Axemen 0 1 2


Team  GP   W   L 
Henry's Eavestroughing 0 3 0
Sheraton Red Deer 0 2 0
The D Leaguers 0 2 1
KJ Concrete 0 1 1
Wells Furniture 0 1 3
Alken Basin Drillers 0 0 0
Vikings 0 0 0
Blindman 0 0 3


Team  GP   W   L 
Silver Spurs 0 2 0
Wolf Pack 0 2 0
Bo's Bar and Grill Blazers 0 1 2
Drystone Interiors 0 1 2
Flint Tropics 0 0 1
Johns Manville 0 0 1

Seeds listed in blue

Download the offical score submittal form by clicking HERE. Please include full team names with sponsors, high scorers, MVPs, players first and last names and proper dates. When completed please e-mail the document to the league, newspaper and opposing team.



Website update includes -
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Housekeeping Items -

  • The wining team is required to submit a scorecard after the game. The scorecard can be downloaded underneath the standings or on the contact page.

  • Please fill in full name of teams including sponsors.

  • Please fill in full name of players (First and Last), all teams should be doing this on game sheets at beginning of game.

  • Circle or write in game MVP for each team. Both team captains to do this at end of game. MVP votes will be tallied at end of season for All Star Game selections.

  • 2 high scorers and a MVP for each team on scorecard.

  • Send scorecard to other team, league and Red Deer Advocate. All contacts can be found on the contact page of website.

  • Please send within 48 hours of game. We do not like chasing scores and will start giving losses to teams that do not follow.

  • You may notice some player scores and MVP are not completed. This is when scorecards are not filled in completely.

  • Website is now updated with as much info as possible. Once remaining scores come in we can update standings and scores.

  • Scores highlighted in purple indicate scores that have not been submitted!


Website update includes -
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